To make your customers happy, you need to know them, and to know them, you need to use a customer service

About us

We know how to earn and retain customers

At each contact with a customer, you accumulate and store information about your relationship. You connect with him - by phone, mail, messenger, livechat, facebook or on a personal meeting, and everything comes together. All this information is a valuable capital for the company.

Our projects

We can
to save you time

You can also import your customer database by yourself at Bitrix24 and our customer from Japan also could, but he decided to save time and leave this work to us.

Check the company's pulse at Bitrix24 and decide how long it takes to take a pulse of 118,000.It is a lot :)

Our projects

We can
to add value

When you use a ready-to-use system for controling the relationships with costumers, the moment always comes - "Can we add retention of seats and room number and ..."

We have not only made a booking system for seats in buses but also added numbers of hotel rooms and extra excursions.
How We Work

Step by Step

Step 1. We show
To use Bitrix24 you need nothing more than desire and time. Yes, we show our customers how to use the system, and they then decide whether our help will save them time and resources.
Step 2. We Discuss the Future
This brings you the most benefit with the least invested resources.
We discuss your business processes and offer a solution.
Step 3. We implement and test
We - a team of involved and committed employees - implement and test all the necessary functionalities. Thus we save above 95% of the problems with the BIG implementation of the System.
Step 4. We optimize what we have done
Writing of a single email can take up to 5-10 minutes, sometimes more. And what if 10 employees have to send 10 mails? What about id the e-mails are 100?

Is it suitable for your business?

Successfully used by

Bitrix24 is used both in companies and non-governmental organizations as well as in advertising and selling departments. It has the ability to adapt to different industries and the way for using, and adding own fields and modules.

Real Estate

You offer exceptional quality of customer service and automate periodic payments.


The entire history of sales and customer contacts helps every trading department. You see the card of the costumer before you pick up the phone.

Marketing and Web Agencies

The shoemaker's son always goes barefoot.
Your customers should also be served perfectly. Do not miss a deadline. Record and report everything you've done.

Sales systems

You have one or more products and want to sell mainly on Facebook - there is nothing easier and faster than that.
Everything from the FB page, messenger and landing goes directly to Bitrix24 and is served by the team, quickly, qualitatively, and standardly.


What do our customers say?

"The open lines at Bitrix24 help us serve our customers where they have chosen to communicate - livechat, phone, facebook."

It is worth it

Helps you to be even more successful

You want every investment in the business to have a ROI. The investing of time should earn you time.
Bitrix24 saves time not only for managers and employees in the company, but also for customers.

Customers love this!

Rent Bitrix24 specialist

You determine the speed and volume of implementation assistance - 10, 30, 50 hours per month

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Get a Bitrix24 consultation
- CRM System, Online Documents, Mail;
- Tasks and projects, Calendars, HR;
- Internal social network, Cloud disk;
- Telephony, Audio and video chat, Mobile application;
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